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Koraloc surfing backpacks work with boards up to 8' only. When riding a bike, the Koraloc surfing backpacks work best with boards 6'8" and under. Any boards over this length are not recommended for usage on a bike. 

Koraloc developed the world’s most advanced surfboard carrying backpacks designed specifically for walking, biking, skating, and paddling to the surf. Making the journey part of your journey. Because what is getting to the surf if not a pilgrimage? We here at Koraloc believe that at its essence surfing is the ultimate free ride sport: no motors, no fuel, no power necessary other than the wave’s natural energy. We’ve created an innovative way to use your own natural energy to get to the waves, riding to the ocean in the same way you’d ride a wave: efficiently, cleanly, with an economy of effort and a free-flowing sense of fun.

We’ve developed more than just a surfboard carrying backpack that allows you to get to the ocean more efficiently, but a philosophy based on the premise that how you get there is almost as important as why you get there. With our backpack, you can bring more with you, and arrive at your favorite surf break with a more rested back and arms. This rings true whether you live six blocks from the beach or are trekking six miles along the coast on your way to a Nicaraguan secret spot. With a Koraloc board bag, the ride doesn’t begin in the water, but it begins the moment you pick up your surfboard and make your way to the sea.

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Koraloc Board Bag



The delivery is very fast and the quality is very good.

Stephen Larsen
Making my passion easier

Hands down, if you’re a surfer, you need this backpack. Worth every single cent. The only one of its kind, I absolutely love my koralôc bag. I used to be exhausted by the time I made it to the beach. Carrying a heavy long board, a duffel bag or backpack, plus towels or another surf board, while also walking several miles ensured I needed a 30 minute break to catch my breath just getting to the beach. Then, after the session, trying to walk all the way back to my car, I told myself this is the last time, went home, and ordered the Koraloc bag. Best decision I could’ve made. I regularly advocate for this to any surfer I meet and any time I ride my scooter with it on, I get tons of looks and people saying “whoa, look at that! That’s the way to do it,” or “I’ve never seen something that cool before!”

People always ask questions, ask where They can get one, and always smile and love seeing the bag in action.

You will catch lots of attention using the Koraloc bag, but you’ll also have energy to surf or do whatever activity you’re doing when you get there.

As for the product itself, the materials used and the overall design is of high quality. It’s not some cheaply made bag that falls apart after a year. I’ve actually owned this for over 2 years now, and I have to say, it makes life a lot easier if you’re a surfer. Plus, I use it with my Segway ES4 (electric scooter) to get to the spot, having a 7’9 longboard I sometimes have to lean forward a bit and be mindful of height and wind catching my board, but it’s really not bad.

The bag features plenty of storage space, I keep sun cure, surf key, wax, towels, water, my speaker, keys, sunglasses, wallet, everything in the bag. It even has a front side pocket on the right waist strap the fits my very large iPhone. It’s a little snug but still zips! Mind you, I don’t have a case on my phone. Very handy for keeping your phone free of dirt, sand, and anything else.

My only draw back with the pack, sand.
Sand gets everywhere on it. In the buckles, in the straps, compartments and pockets. I do have to regularly get the sand out as best as possible, but sand is part of the beach experience. It’s not a super terrible thing, but do be mindful of it. I do my best to keep the main pockets clear.

Having a longboard the pack does get a little heavy after a while, however, it’s significantly better than carrying everything by hand. I’d much rather it be a little heavy while having a longboard on it, than being beyond completely exhausted without the Koraloc bag.

Honestly even with the extremely minor drawbacks, I could not be happier even 2 years later with my purchase of it.

The handles hold firm, there’s plenty of space, the buckles are well made and hold well, the straps work well, everything just works.

It does take a little time to get strapped up with a board and get the pack on, but that time seems like nothing compared to the time I had to set stuff down that I was carrying just to catch my breath before I had the bag. It doesn’t seem like much just carrying one board, but carrying a wetsuit, backpack, duffel bag, board or multiple boards, and towels, you get winded quick when walking several miles to your spot. To me, the time I takes to set up the pack is nothing compared to the exhaustion you get without the bag.

Possibly the only suggestion I might have for the team, would be maybe including instructions for first time users, or providing how to videos on getting different things strapped into the bag. Maybe like how to videos for surfboards, skateboards, chairs, etc.
It was simple enough to figure out on my own, but it takes a few minutes to find each piece and understand how it straps and buckles in.

All in all, this was one of my favorite purchases and I’ve told so many people about this incredible product. At the time of me writing this, no one is paying me to write this review either. I straight up somehow found this a few years ago, and have been using it since. I absolutely love koraloc and the bag itself.

JJ at Koraloc has been beyond helpful any time I’ve had questions, they even sent me some more Koraloc sticker decals when I asked!

I’ve only had positive experiences with this product and company.

Keep up the amazing work guys. Shakas!🤙🏽

Jennifer Curtis

Koraloc Board Bag


I absolutely love this pack. It is perfect for 1 or 2 boards, wetsuit and my other gear. I love not having to deal w the racks on my bike taking up so much room in my garage and car. This backpack is a game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone that hikes or bikes to their surf destination.