Bike to Surf

Kuberg x Koraloc from Danny Hardesty on Vimeo.



When riding a bike, the Koraloc surfing backpacks work best with boards 6'8" and under. Any boards over this length are not recommended for usage on a bike. 


Our Surf backpack makes the bike ride to your favorite lineup an efficient, clean, stress free journey. Koraloc surfing backpacks give you hands free mobility while your boards stay safe and secure, and your wetsuit, towel, and beach necessities are all stored away. Our surfboard carrying backpack makes it easy to balance while navigating your bike and allows you to carry as many as 3 surfboards on your next ride to the sea.


Is wind resistance a problem on my bike?

When using a Koraloc Surf Backpack you will experience some wind resistance when you're on your bike.


Will the boards hit my tires?

No, the Koraloc Board Bag allows surfboards to adjust upwards to allow for tire clearance. Also, the under strap of the surf backpack wraps around the bottom of the board, and protects the board from the tire if you make a mistake and need to reposition the boards.


Why is this surf backpack better than a surfboard rack?

Surf racks have to be secured to your bike and they're heavy which can cause you to lean. Our surfing backpack keeps your boards over your center of gravity, and gives you the ability to carry multiple boards in balance. No tools are necessary to secure rack and no extra weight.


Why else would I need your board bag for my bike?

Your bike is more maneuverable in crowded areas with the Koraloc surf backpack, and your boards are behind your body. Much more board friendly, and much easier to maneuver bike around tight corners.


How many surfboards can I carry on my bike with the Koraloc Board Bag?

The Surf Backpack can carry up to 3 boards.