SUP to Surf


The Koraloc surf backpack makes the paddle to your favorite lineup an efficient, clean, stress free journey. Koraloc surfing backpacks give you hands free mobility while your boards stay safe and secure, and your wetsuit, towel, and beach necessities are all stored away. Koraloc's surfboard carrying backpack makes it easy to balance while navigating your SUP and allows you to carry as many as 3 surfboards on your next paddle around private property or inaccessible coast line.


Are Koraloc surfboard backpacks waterproof?

No, the Koraloc surf backpack is not waterproof. Waterproof SUP board bags are coming soon.


Why can't I just drag the boards behind my SUP?

Because boards can bang into each other causing damage. Also, it takes more time and energy to get to where your going because of the drag caused by pulling boards.


How does your surfing backpack help my SUP'ing mission?

Very mission specific. You can paddle around inaccessible coast line or private property with surfboards or beach equipment with the Koraloc board bag. Find a private hideaway on your SUP and bring the necessary equipment and still be able to paddle.


What else can I carry in your surf backpack when I am on my SUP?

The Koraloc surf backpack carry's beach chairs, body boards, and anything else that would fit in any traditional backpack.