Recreation & Other Board Sports


In addition to board sports capabilities our surf backpack makes the journey to your favorite beach or campground an efficient, clean, and stress free adventure. There are many beach chair backpacks on the market today, but there is only one backpack designed to carry multiple beach chairs. The Koraloc backpack’s beach chair and soft board carrying capabilities will allow you to travel with your gear out of the way while your hands remain free for the cooler or any other day trip essential.


How many beach chairs can your backpack carry?

Our beach chair backpack carries 2 full sized chairs.


Can your beach chair backpack carry a combination of beach gear?

Yes. You can carry two full size beach chairs and a body board, or a surfboard and a skateboard, or two soft tops and a beach chair or a surfboard and a beach chair or two body boards and a beach chair.


Does the surf backpack work with other board sports?

Yes. The Koraloc board bag works with Snow, Skate, and Wake boards. Our center strap secures all boards quickly and securely with a one two step. We use velcro instead of buckles so it's quick and easy to pull apart and secure boards.


How much do your board bags weigh?

Our board bags are 6 pounds


How do I see what the board bags look like?

Visit our Features page to see a close-ups of the bag.


What are other types of backpacks will you be designing?

This board bag is definitely our flagship product. We will be designing day packs, waterproof packs, waterproof bags, roll tops, board bags, and duffel type surf luggage as an accompanying line.