Koraloc Board Bag Animation


Problem: Today surfers carry their surfboards and gear in multiple bags. A backpack and board bag is often used together.

Solution: Koraloc developed a one-bag solution that carries multiple surfboards, wetsuit, and towel. The Surfing Backpack


Problem: Different sized surfboards need different sized bags.

Solution: Koraloc’s surfing backpack will carry any board in between the size 5'6" and 8'. No need to purchase a new board bag for every different sized surfboard.


Problem: Surf racks have to be secured to a bike and can be unsafe (because they're heavy which can cause leaning). Also, it's much easier to clip your surfboard onto something if it's hanging off the side of your bike.

Solution: Boards sit behind the body giving you more room to make tight turns and avoid traffic. Koraloc’s surfing backpack keeps boards over the center of gravity, safer without compensating for the extra weight on the side of the bike. no tools are necessary to secure and unsecure a rack.


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